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Business days:Monday-Friday

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1 day shop開催のお知らせ

Announcement of 1 day shop


It is now February in the year 2022.

Hello, my name is Aiko Narita ^^^.

Thanks to all of you, Alice Land celebrated its third anniversary on January 11.

This is thanks to all of you who love Alice Land and our products.

Once again, thank you very much!

Alice Land used to have a store in Saitama, but it has been closed since 2020.

This time, as a token of our gratitude, we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary by reviving the store in Tokyo and Nagoya! We will be holding a one-day shop in Tokyo and Nagoya to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

We are selling our products only through our online store, but you can actually smell and taste the fragrance.

This is an opportunity to actually smell and taste the fragrance.

Normally, it takes 2 months from the time of order to ship.

On the day of the event, as long as we have the product in stock, you can take it home immediately after purchase.


(We accept all types of credit cards).

Please bring your friends and family (or even just one handsome person).

We look forward to seeing you and talking with you.

We look forward to making eye contact with you, enjoying conversation, and sharing the space with you.

In these days of the Corona Vortex, we have taken great care to ensure that everyone can spend a safe and comfortable time with us.




Below are the details of the event.



Event Details



Date and time


[Tokyo] February 24, 2022 (JST)


February 24, 2022 (Thursday)


OPEN : 11:00

CLOSE : 18:00





cafe Kolm (Alice Land's food production facility ^^)



Address: 3-38-2 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo




At a rental space 12 minutes walk from Sangenjaya station (no food sales at the moment)




Tokyu Denentoshi Line Sangenjaya station 12 min. walk

Tokyu Denentoshi line, Sangenjaya station, 3 minutes by bus (bus stop: Nichidai-mae)

15 minutes by bus from Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line (bus stop: Setagaya Kannon-mae)

Tokyu Toyoko Line Yutenji Station, 10 minutes by bus (bus stop: Setagaya Kannon-mae)



[Nagoya] February 27, 2022


February 27, 2022 (Sun.)


OPEN : 11:00

CLOSE : 18:00





Teniteo Lounge


Address: 1-31-41 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi


Map :



At a rental space 10 minutes walk from Fushimi station (no food for sale at the moment. We are completely covered with salt♡)



Nagoya City Subway Tsurumai line Fushimi station 10 min walk.

Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line Nagoya station 18 min. walk

Nagoya Municipal Subway Tsurumai Line Osu Kannon station 10 min. walk




No parking is available at both venues.


Please use the coin-operated parking lots nearby.

Smoking is not permitted in the restaurant.



We ask that you wear a mask and disinfect your skin as much as possible when visiting the store. Please note that we may restrict entry to the restaurant during busy times.


If you are bringing children with you, please be sure to keep an eye on them.



We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring everyone's safety and enjoyment.


For this event, we have prepared a limited edition product.

We will be selling 224g of sparkling jewelry salt - leap - for 13333 yen (tax included).



We will also be offering a remedy spray for those who purchase this product and wish to use it.



This time, we will put it in a cute perfume bottle^^^use it like a room spray!




This remedy is a blended bottle of flower essence (sundries) and comes with a session (5-10 minutes), which we used to offer as a store-only menu at our store in Saitama.





For those who came to the store on that day, we will offer




We will conduct a session at the store and blend a remedy spray just for you on the spot and give it to you.




This remedy and session (5-10 minutes) will be included with the purchase of the Sparkling Leap Jewelry Salt on a first-come, first-served basis.



Please indicate your reservation in the remarks box when ordering (session slots are limited on the day of the session).




We would appreciate it if you could make a reservation for the session in advance.




Of course, if there is a space available on the day of the event, you can purchase and accept reservations at the store on the day of the event.





In addition, since we are holding this event under such circumstances, we have also created an online participation slot.



We have also created an online participation slot 💖.



We will also be offering the above sets to those who participate online.


We will be live-streaming the day's events on our facebook group.


Even if you can't come, please enjoy the atmosphere and atmosphere of the day.



Even if you were planning to participate on the day of the event but suddenly become ill, you can change your participation to online. You will receive your products by mail.



Click here to make a reservation.


Hands-on participation on the day


Online participation



You can change your choice later!



Regardless of whether you choose to participate online or offline

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for your continued support.

Please take care of yourself and stay in good health.

With love



 Aiko Narita