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Examples of how to enjoy salt as food

♡ Serve with hot water

Just use a wooden spoon such as an AliceLand spoon to take the desired amount in a mug and pour hot water over it.

*AliceLand Spoon is a gift for those who order salt over 20,000 yen (tax included) at one time. Not for sale

♡Recommended for water splitting, soda splitting, sports drink splitting, and alcohol splitting.

The sports drink discount is also very useful for rehydrating the contents of the water bottle and when you have a fever.

Also, if you like alcohol, try dividing it with your favorite seasoning ^ ^

♡ Add a small amount of salt when cooking rice

Recommended when you get tired of white rice or when you want to feel the sweetness of rice.

You can eat it as it is or make it into a rice ball and have it in your lunch box.

♡ For dressing salads and seasoning meat and fish dishes

I make an outstanding performance in BBQ! For stewed dishes such as meat dishes and stews ^ ^

Also, it is very popular among salt users to put egg over rice instead of soy sauce!

Please observe the expiry date on the bottom of the bottle when using salt as food, and store and manage it in a cool and dark place.

Please use the usage examples provided for reference only. Don't be dependent, just enjoy what you're feeling at the moment. In addition, the contents described do not guarantee the effect efficacy. The products listed are sold as foods.

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【食品】食べるパパラチアソルト (80g)

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【食品】100 %生搾り甘夏ソルト (80g)


【食品】濃厚帆立ソルト (80g)

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【食品】HAPPYが降り注ぐソルト (13g)

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【食品】soul family salt(230g)

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【食品】 maple salt (120g)


【食品】 banana salt (60g)

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