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Examples of how to enjoy salt as miscellaneous goods

For morishio (purification of space)

It is a daily usage to use salt for clearing (purification) of space ^ ^

You can divide it into small plates, or you can leave it in the bottle of salt.

Please use it according to your mood and the size of the space.

The star tray in the photo is a novelty for those who order 40,000 yen (tax included) for one salt order. (not for sale)

for cleaning items

♥Suggestions on how to use salt for cleaning♥

①Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add an appropriate amount of your favorite salt♥
(I judge that the amount that came out is an appropriate amount ^ ^)

And the right amount of your favorite detergent ♥

2. After thoroughly soaking in lukewarm water, soak a rag and wipe the area you want to clean with the rag♥

Please be careful in places where it is easy to rust.

The method introduced is for reference only.

Please note that you are responsible for your own use.

Put it in an eye pillow (eye mask) or a pillow and use it as a salt pillow

Put the salt in a mesh bag like a tea bag, wrap it in a thin cloth such as gauze, and put it inside a pillow cover.

There are many users who sleep with it in their eye mask.

*Please use the information provided for reference only. In addition, please note that the described contents do not guarantee the effect efficacy, and there are individual differences in how you feel. The salt introduced on this page is miscellaneous goods, not cosmetics, medicines, or foods.

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【雑貨】Alice Land original christmas coffret(プレミアムオーダー)

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